Woods Hole restaurant

After a longer than usual wait, we are pleased to announce that as of yesterday, Quicks Hole Taqueria is open for the season.  We will be open for lunch seven days a week, and dinner on Thursday – Sunday evenings for the next few weeks. We will be open for lunch and dinner every day (seven days a week) starting June 10th.

Our wonderful summer staff has been busy all week cooking, tasting, cleaning and learning our systems so that you can enjoy the lobster tacos, wicked fresh burritos, home made quahog chowder and delicious farm fresh salads that you have come to love in the eight seasons since we started this journey.

Chef Stephanie Mastroianni tasted the house made Quahog Chowder yesterday, adjusting the flavors for the perfect balance and conferring with our sous chefs to make sure everything is consistent.

chef tasting food at Quicks Hole

There are a few menu changes this year, most notably the Wicked Fresh salad which is now made with finely chopped kale, red quinois, corn, black beans, red onion with a cumin, coriander and lime vinaigrette. It’s off the hook, fresh and original, and will soon be your go to salad in Woods Hole.

staff shares a meal at Quicks Hole in Woods Hole MA

In addition, we have added a Crispy Oyster Roll, freshly shucked oysters rolled in a spicy tempura flour lightly fried then served on an oversized roll with butter lettuce, vine ripe tomato and a smokey chipotle aioli.  Summertime!

Our first customers rolled in at exactly 11 am yesterday and were treated to shrimp quesadillas and lobster tacos. So that it folks, we are off and running for the season!

best restaurant Cape Cod

Quicks Hole Taqueria is located at 6 Luscombe Avenue in Woods Hole, Cape Cod, across the street from the Martha’s Vineyard ferry terminal.