Music scene on Cape Cod

David Isenberg presents “Brain Cloud” a five piece Western Swing ensemble at Quicks Hole Tavern on Sunday December 7th in the first floor bar of the Quicks Hole Tavern in Woods Hole. $25 cash, correct change appreciated, all of which goes to the musicians. In addition, there will be a one drink minimum. Doors open at 7.00, band comes on at 7.30 pm.

Brain Cloud features Dennis Lichtman (clarinet, violin & mandolin) and Tamar Korn (vocals), who also form the swinging nucleus of Mona’s Hot Four. But when they put on their cowboy boots, cinch up their bolo ties, and join with Raphael McGregor (lap steel guitar), Skip Krevens (guitar), Kevin Dorn (snare) and Andrew Hall (bass), they’ll be playing a smoky style of jazz perfected in the country dance halls of Texas (and still played there today).

“Brain Cloud” gets its name from the Bob Wills lyric, “My brain is cloudy, my soul is upside-down, when I get that lowdown feeling, I know the blues must be someplace around.” Lichtman points out that Western Swing is a “smashing together” of swing, ragtime, blues, bluegrass, Tin Pan Alley and early country music to make “quintessentially American music.” Prepare for a quintessentially musical evening!

Reservations required for the musical portion of this evening. Make them here: Don’t miss “Brain Cloud” in Woods Hole!

Here are some killer videos of Brain Cloud to wet your whistle:
Honey Fingers

Have You Ever Been Lonely

I’ve Got That Old Fashioned Love in my Heart