Perhaps you heard about our little Cinco celebration in Woods Hole. The Village was rockin on Saturday, May 5 as two local favorites, Brother’s Rye and Crooked Coast, took to the shells at Quicks Hole Taqueria and the Landfall Restaurant to deliver an afternoon of good vibes and even better music!

A big thank you to the Falmouth Board of Selectmen for supporting this inaugural event, which was the result of a fantastic collaboration with our neighbors and colleagues at the Landfall.

We’d especially like to thank the hundreds of people from Falmouth and beyond who came out to celebrate, making it even more rewarding. After a signature Cape Cod winter, there’s nothing better than savoring the sunshine and spending time with family – with burrito and margarita in hand, of course!  Here’s a sneak peek of Crooked Coast performing their Falmouth anthem, “Go Back.”

The crews at the Taqueria and the Landfall were also rock stars that day, serving up the cheerful crowds with a smile, like Ricardo and Jenna, who was all business while sporting her Taco Cat T-shirt.

Meanwhile, Joe and Sean also dressed for success.

It was such a wicked good time, we even made the local news. Read all about it in The Bulletin on Wicked Local! The daytime event also offered the chance for music fans of all ages to catch their local favorites. What’s more of a crowd-pleaser than a little Beatles by the hometown band?

Be sure to save the date for the Beach Ball on Sunday, September 16, another block party with the Landfall, when we celebrate a very special time on Cape Cod – Summer for Locals! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details!


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Welcome Back!

Quicks Hole Tavern Reopens March 18th!


NOTICE - 9/10/21


Sorry, the Taqueria is closed this weekend due to short staffing and we plan to re-open next week.

The Tavern remains open.


To our wonderful Quicks Hole community:

In light of recent events, we have made the difficult decision to close the Quicks Hole Tavern through early May.

Being in hospitality, it is in our DNA to serve you, and we deeply regret that current circumstances make that impossible.

We are watching the news as you are, and will announce our intentions here as soon as we know more regarding both Quicks Hole Tavern and Quicks Hole Taqueria opening for summer 2020.

Thanks for your patience, and stay safe everyone!

P.S. - If you would like to help us support our hardworking staff during this time, please click here to buy a gift card.


NOTICE - 9/10/21

Sorry, the Taqueria is closed this weekend due to short staffing and we plan to re-open next week.

The Tavern remains open.




Quicks Hole Taqueria open 10/1, 10/2, 10/3
for LUNCH ONLY 11:30 - 4.

Quicks Hole Tavern open at 4PM thru Sunday 10/3.

Congrats on your wedding, Chef Sarah!