Gift Cards

Quicks Hole gift cards make great gifts! They are easy to purchase, and super easy to redeem at any of our locations in Woods Hole which includes Quicks Hole Tavern, Quicks Hole Taqueria and Jimmy’s Classic Eats.

From killer burgers to lobster tacos, ice cream and hand crafted donuts … we are waiting to welcome you in Woods Hole. Your gift card purchase will brighten someone’s day as they dream of summertime Cape Cod fun, and then remind them of you as they head to visit us for a special treat.

Gift cards are also a good way to give younger people access to food options in Woods Hole without carrying cash, think of them as a pre-paid house account at your favorite watering hole. Kids love our healthy menus and also an ice cream treat at the end of a fun science school expedition.

If you have questions about your gift card purchase, please feel free to call us at 508-495-0048 and ask to speak to a manager. And for those of you who supported us with gift card purchases through the pandemic, we are deeply grateful and look forward to delighting you with our creative food and drink.

See you soon on the waterfront!


Our gift cards and rewards programs are transferable across all three restaurants!