The Beer Bed & Breakfast Weekend drew a crowd from all over the East Coast this weekend with a simple mission in mind — spend a few days relaxing on Cape Cod while exploring some of Falmouth’s best local food paired with craft brews from Cape Cod Beer.

The 2016 Beer Bed & Breakfast Weekend was a package available at B&B’s all over Cape Cod, with craft beer dinners hosted with the help of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.  For those who ventured to the Upper Cape, Quicks Hole Tavern (located at 29 Railroad Ave in Woods Hole) hosted the dinner & brew extravaganza for about forty people.  Guests came from Woods Hole Inn, Captains Manor Inn, Baileys by the Sea and Nobnocket Inn, filling the restaurant with the buzz of the intrepid locavore.


Neil Eddy, from Cape Cod Brewing Co, hosted the night with tons of information on the locally brewed beer. To start, guests enjoyed a pint of Cape Cod Blonde with chips and salsa. Then, a flight of four Cape Cod brews were delivered to the table as Neil explained the origin and craft of each beer as well as why he paired it with the menu items.

The first course led with two Lobster Taco “Bites” — lusciously fresh lobster meat on a crispy corn tortilla chip with avocado crema, perfectly paired with a Cape Cod Beach Blonde.

The second course was a Quicks Hole Tavern’s signature — a Kale & Quinoa Salad with roasted butternut squash, queso fresco and a cumin vinaigrette, paired with a tart Cape Cod Red.  Chef Stephanie Mastrioanni came down from the kitchen to greet the diners, and answer a few questions about the meal.

The third course was Braised Chicken Tacos with chili d’arbol slow braised chicken, shredded cabbage, house made pico de gallo, queso fresco and Quicks Hole’s famous baja sauce all atop a locally made corn tortilla, paired with Cape Cod IPA.

The fourth and final course featured three Mini Apple Doughnuts topped with loads of powered sugar and a side of spiced chocolate creme Anglaise for dipping, paired with rich Cape Cod Porter.

Tasting Glasses

After the Beer Bed & Breakfast dinner was complete, guest stuck around enjoying each others company and asked questions of the knowledgeable Neil. Patrons also departed with a Cape Cod Brewing Co. branded tasting glass, with encouragement to go home and practice their new Cape Cod tasting skills.




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Quicks Hole Tavern Reopens March 18th!


NOTICE - 9/10/21


Sorry, the Taqueria is closed this weekend due to short staffing and we plan to re-open next week.

The Tavern remains open.


To our wonderful Quicks Hole community:

In light of recent events, we have made the difficult decision to close the Quicks Hole Tavern through early May.

Being in hospitality, it is in our DNA to serve you, and we deeply regret that current circumstances make that impossible.

We are watching the news as you are, and will announce our intentions here as soon as we know more regarding both Quicks Hole Tavern and Quicks Hole Taqueria opening for summer 2020.

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NOTICE - 9/10/21

Sorry, the Taqueria is closed this weekend due to short staffing and we plan to re-open next week.

The Tavern remains open.




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