Greetings from Woods Hole! While it has been incredibly encouraging to see so many faces this summer, new and old, traveling through this special village, our greatest challenge this calendar year has been staffing. Staffing in the Food & Beverage industry on Cape Cod has historically been difficult; add to that a global pandemic, inflation, and a housing crisis and you’ve created a perfect storm that could theoretically blow you right out of business. If you are in the industry reading this, you know the struggle is real. If you haven’t had the opportunity to dine out in a while, you may be presented with a rude awakening: the game has changed!

Here at Quicks Hole, we strive to preserve our brand–to provide you with the quality food and service that you have grown to love over the years. We’ve been operating on a 5-day schedule since reopening after Covid shutdowns, as we do not have the bandwidth to offer more than that, though we would love to return to being open seven days. Limited staffing means limited hours and limited menus. Food and beverage prices and availability have been all over the map. If we’re lucky enough to get our orders onto a delivery truck, the truck might not even leave the warehouse that day due to their own staffing constraints. Your favorite meal could be unavailable, and we are just as disappointed about that as you are. We are undoubtedly working hard, and likely each person is absorbing three other job titles during their work day. Please keep these things in mind when dining locally. I haven’t heard of a single restaurant on Cape Cod that is fully operational at this point. Posted hours may as well be thrown out the window. Reservations and events are nearly impossible to book as we cannot predict what our staffing situation will be two weeks, two months, or six months from now. A lot of businesses have already gone under, and it is quite a shame. We are here to stay, if you’ll graciously allow us to do what we love to do.

All of that being said, all of which you should know by now from watching the news and being active in your community, there may not be a hostess at the door to greet you. You may have to wait an extra 2 minutes, yes, 120 seconds, to be acknowledged and seated by our hard-working servers, who are also bussing their own tables and running take-out the curb. The college “kids” have left us again, and we are all missing our support staff–staff that goes behind us to ensure efficiency, and to polish any blemishes that may occur during service.

If there’s a hurricane approaching, and we forgot to turn off online reservations, but did call to cancel all exisitng reservations, it’s probably because we were preoccupied with storm prep–preserving our food properly and safely, removing outdoor objects that might impale a passer-by, or assisting Inn guests or employees to higher ground, please have some human compassion and don’t leave a 1-star review for that reason. This isn’t solely about you–we’re all supposed to be in this together. If your food is taking too long by your standards, and you’ve got to catch a ferry, we are happy to refund you if we cannot deliver in time. In fact, I am more happy to refund an understanding person versus someone who is berating me in front of all my customers. Civility matters. We are human. We are not magicians, or robots (yet). Please don’t make teenage girls cry because your tacos took too long. We are all doing the best we can. The alternative would be to shutter our doors completely, and no one wants that.

You’ve seen the signs: be nice, or leave. It’s that simple. Everyone knows what Thumper said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Pull a manager aside so we can resolve the issue before you walk out the door. At the end of the day, we want you to be delighted with our creative, inspired food and drink. It’s what we set out to do. We are always open to feedback and discussion, so let’s work together in supporting each other and our community.

Still hanging in there,
Shannon Gallagher
General Manager
Quicks Hole LLC

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Welcome Back!

Quicks Hole Tavern Reopens March 18th!


NOTICE - 9/10/21


Sorry, the Taqueria is closed this weekend due to short staffing and we plan to re-open next week.

The Tavern remains open.


To our wonderful Quicks Hole community:

In light of recent events, we have made the difficult decision to close the Quicks Hole Tavern through early May.

Being in hospitality, it is in our DNA to serve you, and we deeply regret that current circumstances make that impossible.

We are watching the news as you are, and will announce our intentions here as soon as we know more regarding both Quicks Hole Tavern and Quicks Hole Taqueria opening for summer 2020.

Thanks for your patience, and stay safe everyone!

P.S. - If you would like to help us support our hardworking staff during this time, please click here to buy a gift card.


NOTICE - 9/10/21

Sorry, the Taqueria is closed this weekend due to short staffing and we plan to re-open next week.

The Tavern remains open.




We are closed for seasonal repairs until January 26th.

We thank you for your patience at this challenging time.
We look forward to serving you our creative, inspired food and drink in the New Year!


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