We have been hit hard along with the entire restaurant industry by the impact of this viral threat. We closed in mid March, and have re-opened for take out only as of mid May.  So far, the volume has been far below our seasonal norms and we are struggling to meet our fixed costs. Fast food restaurants like ours are created around the idea of high volume, so this takeout model is especially challenging for us.

As hospitality professionals, it makes us very uncomfortable to ask our guests for anything. But we are asking you to consider a gift card purchase at this time where we rally for restaurants.

Supporting our team is our number one priority, and we are offering them financial support as well as 100% health insurance premium coverage to cushion this difficult blow as they join the rest of the world waiting out this terrible situation. We are among many great Falmouth restaurants challenged in this way.

The gift card is good forever, and can be used at either Quicks Hole Tavern or Quicks Hole Taqueria as soon as we are back open. Please don’t stretch past what you can afford, we know everyone is tightening their belt right now.

Together, we will get through this as we rally for restaurants together. We love you Falmouth, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

— Beth, Sean and the whole staff at Quicks Hole


#RallyforRestaurants – Please post about your generosity on your favorite social media platform