Taqueria Takeout Menu

Curbside pickup Wednesday through Sunday 4-8 PM, with lunch from 12-4 Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Pre-Order On Our Website Each Day Beginning at 9AM

Update! May 29, 2020: Attention Quicks Hole family and friends! We are now testing out contactless delivery! This feature is available immediately as we are looking to see if there is enough demand. From 5 to 8PM today (Friday), Saturday, and Sunday we’re offering delivery at a $25 dollar minimum, with a $5 delivery charge, within a 6 mile radius of the restaurant. We encourage you to give this a try, and bear with us as we adjust to these different times! Peace, love, and tacos. Safety first!

Call the Taqueria at 508-495-0792 to order, or for more information.

Order Online Here

Cashless transactions only by pre-order. We are taking pre-orders for the day starting each day we are open at 9AM. Pre-orders will offer you a choice of pick-up time during our open hours. They are only available through the Toast website, not on the mobile app. Please enter the make and model of your car upon ordering, or call the restaurant at 508-495-0792 when you pull up into the loading zone to get your food. We will bring the food out to you. Doors will remain locked at this time.  We have established the strictest protocols and procedures, building on our culture of cleanliness and food safety, to serve you in this time. 


Lobster $13.95/$24.95 *

Fried Cod $7.95/$15.49 *

Grilled Cod $7.95/$15.49 *

Mojo Pulled Chicken $5.49/$9.95 *

Pork $5.49/$9.95 *



Lobster $24.95*

Fried Cod $14.95*

Grilled Cod $14.95*

Mojo Pulled Chicken $9.95*

Pork $9.95*



Lobster $24.95*

Mojo Pulled Chicken $9.95*

Pork $9.95*

Cheese $6.95*



Chilled Lobster $24.95*

Fried Cod $14.95*

Grilled Cod $14.95*

Mojo Pulled Chicken $9.95*

Pork $9.95*



French Fries $3.50*

Sweet Potato Fries $4.50*

Chips and Salsa $6.00*

Sour Cream $1.50*

Chips and Guacamole $5.50*

Baja Sauce $1.50*

Pico de Gallo $2.50*

Guacamole $3.50*



Chicken Fingers $5.95*

Mini Quesadilla $5.95*

Mini Burrito $5.95*

Fish n Chips $9.95*

*As we open in these challenging times, we have limited our menu to meet these new shorter hours of operation.  In addition, please note we will begin charging a 10% hospitality fee. This is shared with our kitchen staff in the form of higher wages.  We believe this decision reflects our core beliefs regarding the well-being of our employees and their families.  We welcome your feedback on this policy.