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Quicks Hole Tavern has been recognized “Best Gastropub” in Yankee Magazine’s May/June 2015 Travel Guide as a “Best of New England — Editors’ Choice 2015”!!!
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“You know the mark of a great restaurant when you dine there not once, but twice in one weekend… Quicks Hole Tavern has been getting positive buzz all over the foodie world, and after our dinner there (yes, twice), we can see why.”
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“Almost everyone traveling to Martha’s Vineyard has had to wait for the ferry in Woods Hole for an extended period of time. Some people stay in their cars but a number of people used to head to the Leeside to pass the time with a beverage, maybe a bite to eat, and most likely with some popcorn. The Leeside was something of a convenience, not necessarily a hot spot that you were excited to visit. However, that is no longer the case.The Leeside closed its doors a while ago, then sat empty for a while, and finally, late last year, new owners re-opened the restaurant (after a lot of renovations) as Quick’s Hole Tavern.”
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